Sake 3 Sabores

Have you ever had any difficulties in choosing sake?
For those of you who are interested in sake but don’t know what or how to choose, we started serving “sake 3 sabores”, in other words, a set of three kinds of sake to have a taste. It includes “Yamada Nishiki” (dry and well balanced), “Mitani Fujio” (Slightly dry and complex) and “Fukuju” (smooth and profound).
Depending on the kind of rice, the water, the fungus, the way of filtering, etc etc, there are numerous sakes. You will be surprised to see how different they are!

お酒に興味はあっても何を基準にどうやって選べばいいか分からない!という方に向けて、このたび、「Sake 3 Sabores(利き酒3種セット)」を始めました。セットの中身は「山田錦(バランスの良い辛口)」「三谷藤夫(ぬる燗がおススメのやや辛口)」「福寿(フレッシュで香り豊か)」の3種。

Yuko Hara

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